Plantation Shutters

As the name might imply plantation shutters first appeared on grand old elegant houses of southern USA plantations. Originally fitted externally to the house, and opening outward, these large fixtures were designed for practical reasons: circulating the air while blocking rain and glare. Later the design concept was moved inside.

Plantation shutters are now fitted internally. They consist of a sturdy wooden frame with horizontal slats that can be tilted to suit the situation or time of day. Slats can be adjusted to allow light in while keeping window shutters securely shut. Or the entire shutter can be completely opened to let the maximum amount of light in. Plantation shutters originally developed for practical reasons, but far from their place or origin the shutters are now just as likely to be used as for their decorative appearance.


Of course historical plantations shutters were made from wood. Modern shutters can now use polymer technology or aluminium, both of which are very durable under harsh UV rays or wet conditions. Even those who choose to use more traditional wooden shutters benefit from modern paints, which are far more durable than older pigments. And whether polymer, aluminium or wood internal shutter can be made to swing internally, slide or simply swing inward.