Blinds are the most convenient and direct way of covering a window. Materials vary, but most blinds consist of either a long strip of flexible material that retracts on a roll; or a series of horizontal or vertical slates that rotate to allow different amounts of light into the room.

Reliable, straight forward and convenient blinds are the classic way to cover and uncover a window. The number of variations ensures that there is always an option that is as stylish as it is functional. Custom fitting is possible with any types of windows, but this is often unnecessary as most blind systems will accommodate standard windows without needing adjustment.


A very popular choice. Roller blinds are easy to use, adjust and install. And when they’re not in use they roll way to be virtually unseen. They also come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures, allowing them to complement the interior and exterior décor of any home. Modern digital photography also allows blinds to be printed with artistic designs.

Rollers mechanisms are relatively maintenance free, and the fabric is moisture resistant, easy to clean and UV safe. They are quite safe for children.


The classic style with horizontal slats that is easily adjustable via a cord or wand. Let in as much or as little light as needed; control your privacy and maintain a comfortable room temperature with the simplest control.

Venetian Blinds come in timber, imitation timber and cloth. All are water resistant, easy to clean and last for many years even with harsh sunlight.


These blinds consists of vertical strips of material that can be angled to either completely block outside light or angled to allow virtually all the light through. Of course they can also be angled any way in between. Vertical blinds come in as many materials as one could imagine; there are always several options to suite any home. Prints, patterns and plain colours are all possible.

Vertical blinds can be controlled with cords or wands. Ask about options that are safe for young children.


Roman shades look like cloth curtains when fully extended, yet fold up evenly when withdrawn. They operate smoothly with a cord mechanism.

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